Helena Ess Award

The Helena Ess Memorial

Esprit de Corps Award


Helena Ess was one of our earlier Connecting Individuals through Performance Arts adjudicators. Her greatest contribution to our circuit was her approach to competition. For Helena, competitions were never about the final placement or number. To her, the most important part of competing was the community support, sportsmanship, and performing experiences that students could gain. This attitude and vision became a philosophical approach continued on to this day in our Three Ideals of CIPA.

CIPA lost Helena Ess all too soon and it is in her honor that the Helena Ess Memorial Esprit de Corps Award was created. The award recognizes the group or groups that best represents Helena’s attitude and displays an inspiring level of sportsmanship and goodwill towards their competitive peers.

Competitive units are nominated for the award by CIPA directors. The selected group(s) will be announced at Championships during each retreat, regardless of classification.

Directors, to submit your nomination, click here.

Previous Winners


North Henderson Varsity


Black Diamond Independent

Halls Percussion

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